Top 10 Blogs from 2015

Thank you!

Wow! Another year has flown by. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has read my content, encouraged me, and shared my blogs this year.

I continue to learn a lot about not only how to write, but also how to create and provide content that benefits you. As I have shared in a recent blog—Discover and Engage Your Passion, I have some big changes on the way for my site. I am looking forward to 2016!

Top 10 Blogs from 2015

However, before leaving 2015 I want to share with you the Top 10 Blogs from 2015. You made these the top 10 by views, shares, and comments.

Again…Thank You!

You help get the word out about this site and its content. I don’t expect you to share or talk about content that isn’t worth sharing, because in a way you are attaching your reputation to it. But when you do share a blog with your social media networks or by word of mouth—I can’t say thank you enough. That shows me love as a writer like nothing else can.

So here are the Top 10 Blogs from 2015:

  1. I Am the Adopted Kid! (1/27/2015)
  2. Foster Care Through the Eyes of a Foster Family (5/29/2015)
  3. Do You Know What a Safe Family Is? (11/17/2015)
  4. What I Learned from Dr. Karyn Purvis about Caring for At-Risk Children (2/27/2015)
  5. Year Three Adoption Update (9/18/2015)
  6. 7 Four Letter Words I Want my Son to Learn (6/19/2015)
  7. Warning: Program Driven Church Can’t Sustain the Art of Neighboring (3/13/2015)
  8. One Thing an Adopted Child Really Needs (11/03/2015)
  9. Foster Care through the Eyes of a CPS Employee (5/8/2015)
  10. Foster Care through the Eyes of One Who Aged out of the System (5/12/2015)

Take Aways…

  • 9 out of 10 are about foster care or adoption. Wow!
  • The top blog—I Am the Adopted Kid! got a lot of traffic because I submitted it in a contest. It won 2nd place in the Story Telling category.
  • 4 blogs are interviews. This is one reason I decided to add podcasts to the site in 2016. I am very excited about this! If you know someone that would be a good interview (foster or adopted person, foster or adoptive parent, missionary, ministry leader, someone who is living out their passion, etc.) please contact me!
  • 4 blogs are about our family in relation to adoption and parenting. I know I learn a lot from hearing how others deal with life challenges. I hope you can learn from ours! Another reason I am excited about the podcasts. Danielle, my wife, has agreed to do some together with me where we will discuss these kinds of topics.

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