Caught in a Virtual World of Fantasy Football

I remember a few years ago ridiculing a couple of co-workers about their participation in fantasy football. I didn’t understand the appeal. This week I participated in drafts for two different leagues. (sigh)



I can tell some of you are rolling your eyes at me now. Go ahead, I deserve it.

What do you mean they don’t play for me!

I enjoy the competition and camaraderie of playing games—Sports, board games, cards, etc. I will even make up a game if needed. I also enjoy watching highly skilled athletes compete.

Fantasy Football combines both, at least for me.

About ten years ago I had stopped watching professional football. The game was boring to me, and I tired of the constant barrage of marketing—much of it sensual.

When I agreed to join my first fantasy football league about five years ago, I knew only a few of the professional football players. I didn’t understand the nuances of the fantasy game either. No wonder they invited me to play! Needless to say, I came in last place.

I began watching pro football again with a much different interest. No longer was I rooting for a home team like the Dallas Cowboys. Now I was cheering for my team. I mean, I drafted them, didn’t I?

People really make a living at this?

Yep, it’s true. Most are in sports journalism with companies like ESPN and Yahoo Sports. “Experts” give pre-draft predictions, injury updates, week-to-week analysis, etc. All for a virtual game based on the statistical results of the real-life game.

Pretty absurd. A game based on a game.

 What a great world we live in!

Those first few years I spent hours keeping up with my players’ production, injuries, and potential. I learned to look for “sleepers” (players that others weren’t aware of yet) among un-drafted players. Then I had to watch as many games as I could to keep up with my team.

I call that obsession. I became the very guy I used to ridicule. (sigh)

What is it about life that causes us to look for endless ways of entertainment, escape, and fantasy? Even if you have enjoyed making fun of my demise into the world of fantasy football, I know there is something similar in your life. Something that in itself adds little or no value to your life. And, if you are not careful, it takes priority over things that do matter and add value.

That is obsession that leads to addiction. Hmmm…I wonder if there are any Fantasy Football 12 step groups. I need to Google that.

I decided last year to cut the amount of time I spent reading about football and watching the real games. This year, I plan to cut that even more. I can come up with a long list in a matter of seconds of other things to do that adds value to my and others’ lives. You can check up on me during the year too! Better yet, ask my wife if you know her.

What virtual reality are you obsessed or even addicted to? If you prefer to talk to me in private about it, you can find my contact info on my About page.


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2 thoughts on “Caught in a Virtual World of Fantasy Football

  1. If anyone holds you to this very public announcement of cutting your fantasy time, if will be me…your loving wife. I liked the days when football was boring to you.