What Does A Wholistic Approach to Orphan Care Look Like? [Podcast 017]

An Interview with John Palmieri of World Orphans

In today’s podcast episode I interview John Palmieri with World Orphans. I met John a few months ago through a mutual friend. What I learned about World Orphans impressed me.

John and family fun photo!

If you are like me, you probably think that World Orphans is another organization that helps families adopt internationally. However, World Orphans, as you will hear in the interview, focuses on strengthening families and communities across the world.

Show Notes

  • We get to learn a little about John, his wife, and their growing family.
  • Learn how World Orphans empowers the local church, both domestic and international, to care for orphans and vulnerable children.
  • John shares how his role with World Orphans, Church Partnership Director, helps churches in the U.S. come alongside a local church in a foreign country for the purpose of caring for children.
    • This looks different from community to community…
  • The focus is to help communities to take care of their own vulnerable and orphaned children.
  • John points out how each church, both domestic and international, have different giftings and resources that can help meet the needs of families and children.
  • Caring for orphans and at-risk children around the world involves more than adoption. When we do this well, communities are transformed.
  • Many local churches come back from working with a community internationally asking how they can better care for vulnerable children better in their own community.
  • John helps local churches respond to how God has called them to care for vulnerable and orphaned children.
  • Learn how your church can partner with a church in another country.
  • Also learn how you can partner with John financially, prayerfully, and through ministry.

Contact and Ministry Information

John’s email – johnp@worldorphans.org

John’s support page – https://worldorphans.kindful.com/palmieri

World Orphans website – worldorphans.org

Journey trips – http://www.worldorphans.org/journey-trips/

Rufugee initiative –  http://therefugeinitiative.org/

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