What I Learned from My Reader Survey

Two weeks ago I launched my first reader survey. You can still take the survey, by the way! Just go here—Yes, I Will Take Your Survey! I continue to work on my blogging and writing skills. Your feedback gives me some very helpful insight. Ultimately, I think that you benefit since your input should improve my overall content. So, Thank You!

Photo Credit: odegaard library via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: odegaard library via Compfight cc

I get a lot of my mentoring from Michael Hyatt. Not personally but through his website and Platform University. Recently he published three videos that allows someone like me (and you maybe?) to look over his shoulder while he mentors someone on how to improve their website, platform and influence. If you are a blogger or have a website, I recommend checking out Platform University!

I didn’t know what kind of response to expect, but I am pleased with the number of people who participated in the survey. Here is a quick glance of a typical reader on my site:

  • She is a female (73%) between the ages of 41-50 (24%). However, nearly just as many were between the ages of 31-40 and 51-60.
  • She has at least a Bachelor’s degree (58%) and most likely her children still live at home (70%).
  • She lives in the great state of Texas (70%).
  • She is a foster or adoptive mom (32%) and a ministry leader (32%).
  • She is most interested in the articles about Missional Living (31%), Lifestyle (27%) and Adoption/Foster Care (23%).

What I learned from my first reader survey:

  1. Families with children read my blog. 75% of the readers surveyed are between the ages of 31-60, so it makes sense that many of them have children at home. I think this demographic has an interest in orphan care topics. Also, I share a lot of parenting information that Danielle and I are learning as we parent our adopted son.
  2. Since most of my readers live in Texas, they probably know me personally. While I am thrilled that my friends and family read my blog, I need to work on expanding my audience beyond the borders of Texas. I know I have readers in other states and countries based on comments and emails, but the reader survey leaned heavily Texan!
  3. People who are seeking read my blog. 20% of participants categorized themselves as a seeker. I keep this in mind as I write my blog articles, especially about missional living. I would love to have more open dialogue on the site between Christ followers and those seeking answers. I think Christ followers need to understand what kind of questions a seeker has as well as what bothers them about Christianity. Hopefully my site can become a safe place for this kind of dialogue.
  4. Write more about Missional Living, Orphan Care and general Lifestyle. I plan on putting together a resource page for missional living in early 2015, similar to the Orphan Care resource page that is now on the site. Our involvement as Orphan Care advocates continues to grow which means I will continue to blog on this subject. The Lifestyle category includes personal stories, current events and devotional type of blogs. I enjoy writing these ,and they usually get a great response.
  5. Ask more questions on my next reader survey. As a good friend of mine says, “The first time is the most inefficient”. After publishing this reader survey, I thought of a few more questions I wanted to ask. I also wish I had included an open-ended question or two. For what it is worth, I will ask a few of them here. If you want to respond, please do so in the comments!

Have you ever shared one of my blog articles?

What is one thing you would improve on the site?

Is there another category you would like to see me write about?


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