What Is Keeping You From Writing Your Book? An Interview with Chandler Bolt [Podcast Episode 15]

If you google, “How many people want to write a book?”, you will see survey results of 80% plus say that they want to write a book or think they have book in them. That means odds are great that you are one of those people. What do you think is the reason you haven’t written that book yet?

Chandler Bolt

One of the questions I ask Chandler Bolt, best-selling author and founder of Self Publishing School, is “what are two of the most common reasons that people don’t ever write a book when so many want to?”.

In today’s podcast episode, I interview Chandler Bolt about his Self Publishing School, because I want you to hear straight from him why he began the school, why he thinks most people don’t ever write that book, and why Self Publishing School can help you finally get it done.

Not only will you hear Chandler’s answers to the questions above, you also will hear about some unbelievable free content that he is offering right now. Below find the links to a free .pdf copy to his latest best-selling book, Published. Also find the links to the first two of three videos that Chandler is releasing.

All of this free content is available for only a short time, so don’t delay downloading the free .pdf copy of his book and watching the videos.

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Free .pdf of Chandler’s best-selling book—Published

Video #1—3 Steps to Writing Your First Book in A Weekend

Video #2—Book Launch Screw Ups: 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid

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If you missed all of Chandler’s free content, you can still get a taste of his excellent teaching by clicking on this link—SPS Free Training Video Series

If you have any questions about my personal experience with Self Publishing School, please reach out to me.

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