What Myth about Foster Care Do You Believe? [Podcast 003]

National Adoption Day

Before we decided to become foster parents, I had a lot of misconceptions about foster care. I really didn’t understand how the system worked or even why a child was in foster care.


I think two reasons prevent more families from adopting a child from foster care—Misunderstanding why a child is in foster care and ignorance about the need.

In today’s podcast episode, I talk about National Adoption Day, facts about foster care, and help dispel some myths about foster care. I get my talking points from the NationalAdoptionDay.org website. Please visit their site to get more information.

Want to read more about the 8 Steps to Get Started that I mentioned on the podcast? Go to www.FosteringHopeAustin.org.

I also mention the launch on November 13 of my new book, Foster and Adoptive Parenting. This book uses real-life stories, interviews with professional counselors and an occupational therapist, along with a few conversations that I have with my wife, Danielle, to encourage you to keep on parenting with connection. We all understand that it is hard and that you feel alone and discouraged at times, even possibly to the point of giving up. This book will not only encourage you, but will also inspire you with practical advice and tips.

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