When You Need to Pull Your Child Closer: Conversation with Danielle [Podcast 019]

Sometimes something triggers a fear or anxiety response in our children so strongly that it impacts how they interact with their environment. They can respond with uncontrollable anger, paralyzing fear, or an urge to run.

We might not always know what triggers that response, but we can know how to respond to the behavior. When we understand how trauma affects the brain and how some things cause a shift from the complex, thinking area of the brain into the protective part, we hopefully will handle the situation in a manner that helps our child feel safe again. And when they feel safe again, they can make rational, healthy decisions in response to their environment.

In this episode, Danielle sits down with me to discuss a recent series of events that has triggered a fear response from our son. We talk about what happened, how we handled it, and why we handled it the way we did. At the time of the recording, much of this is still occurring.


Show Notes

In the episode you will hear Danielle and me talk about…

  • How after the Christmas break our son hasn’t been able to transition into his Kindergarten class without some help from the school counselor.
  • After a few weeks our son didn’t want to be left anywhere without one of us staying with him, including places he had gone to for years.
  • Danielle share how we decided to handle the situation. It is a counterintuitive approach influenced by our trauma informed care training.
  • We talk about the why behind our decisions that any family with a trauma wounded child can apply.


In the episode I mention the podcast interview with Suzette Lamb about the Circle of Security parenting model. You can find that episode HERE.

You can also learn a lot about the Circle of Security at their website – http://circleofsecurity.net

You can also read more on this topic in my book, Foster and Adoptive Parenting: Authentic Stories that Will Inspire and Encourage Parenting with Connection.

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