Which New Theme Do You Like Best?

Have you ever visited a website, then immediately left? What causes you to do that? You don’t like the way the website looks? Can’t find what you are looking for? Or is it simply you don’t like the content?

I have gone to websites where I wanted to read the content or buy an item, but quickly left for various reasons. I could not read the type because of the colors or font. Or I could not figure out how to navigate to the shopping cart.

Now that I have submitted my manuscript to Westbow Press, I am focusing my efforts on improving my website before I begin my next book. I have researched many options for the site, and I thought I would let you in on the fun. Isn’t that kind of me?

When I launched this website in January, I knew very little about designing a website or blogging for that matter. The learning curve has been steep, yet enjoyable.

My website is a WordPress.org site hosted by HostGator. The current theme that I am using is Twenty Eleven which is a free WordPress theme. It has served me well, but I need more flexibility and options. So I am researching different WordPress themes.

This is where you enter the picture. Since you are my readers, I want to know what you think and like.

Here are three that I am strongly considering:

  1. Lucid by ElegantThemes
  2. Standard Theme
  3. Canvas by WooThemes

Each theme has its pros and cons. The following features are important to me:

  • Clean look. I like a site that is not cluttered, uses simple color schemes, and the font is not too busy. It makes it easier to read and find what I am looking for.
  • Inviting. This dovetails with the clean look. I want the site to encourage or invite me to look around, read multiple blog posts, stay awhile.
  • Comments and Sharing done easily. It is imperative that commenting and sharing  is easy and understandable. On my site, I want readers to interact with me and each other about the topic.
  • Responsive. This is a buzz word now for websites. Since so many people access the web via a mobile device, the site needs to respond and resize.
  • Ecommerce. I want to offer my books and any other future products on my site. So, it needs this function.

I realize that most of you might not look at these three themes to give me feedback, so how about sharing with me what is important or appealing to you when you visit a website? You can take pride in the fact that you helped me decide on my new design.

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6 thoughts on “Which New Theme Do You Like Best?

  1. I have NO experience but I liked #1 and #2 but for some reason #3 felt like a spam site. I don’t know what it was. For me, simplicity and shareability (is that a word) is key!

    • Hi Katie. U noticed that the third link was loading slow. I think that was the Standard Theme. That one has been the consensus favorite.

      What you do have us experience visiting websites, so I really do appreciate your valuable input!