The last four weeks have been a whirlwind since the adoption hearing.  Our adopted son had his second birthday about three weeks after the official adoption date.  So, we had a huge combined adoption/birthday party.  He is such social little guy that he had a blast.  His new daddy is not so much the socialite.

Then about two weeks later we had another party mainly with family.  After about 20 minutes being at the party, our son quickly ascertained that everyone was there for him.  He asked me to pick him up as he looked around the room.  Then he began saying, “sing, sing”.  He wanted them to all sing Happy Birthday to him like at the previous party!

Many people have asked me if it feels different now that he is officially our son.  Some moments it does, other times it feels the same.  He has lived with us for almost a year and a half already, so many things have remained the same.  Because he was only 8 months old when he was placed with us, it totally feels the same for him.  He is with his mommy and daddy.

I know one thing will be different for his third birthday.  He won’t have multiple parties with nearly as many people!  Our focus right now is making sure he does not get too spoiled with all the attention, gifts and love.  He definitely is a blessed little boy!

The other day I began my own final review of the book.  I had waited a few weeks before I completed the last two chapters.  I waited because I wanted to be sure about the outcome of the adoption before I wrote the final chapters.

Because I was waiting to write the last part of the book, it had been a few months since I had read the first several chapters.  So, it has been interesting going back and reading it again.  My goal is to read through the whole book in the next couple of days, avoiding getting bogged down with too many edits.

I am making simple grammatical and spelling edits as I go.  If I want to do more than that, I am making notes to return to next week.  This way I can get a feel for how the book flows.

Since we are at the end of October, I am aiming to have the book ready for publishing by the end of January or the beginning of February at the latest.  I also want to post a couple of chapters here to give you a taste of the book.  So stay tuned!

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