Why I Am Launching a Podcast

I admit, I have tried to take on too much the past several months. From ankle surgery in September to buying a new home in December and moving in January, to getting our former house  ready to rent, to joining a new nonprofit board also in January, no wonder I feel overwhelmed.

Just around the new house I constantly have about five projects going at the same time.

To keep in line with all that, I decided last fall to update my website which I thought I would have released by January. Yeah. Not quite. But I am still working on it along with the following:

  • Finishing an e-book series about Foster Care and Adoption
  • Upgrading my content and delivery method to email subscribers
  • Continuing my weekly blogging
  • And…launching a podcast

None of those include writing projects I have on the back burner.

Did I include launching a podcast on that list?

Are you wondering why am I launching a podcast now? Good question. First of all, I am still about 2 months away from giving you a hard launch date, but I have already begun recording some episodes.

The main reason for launching a podcast? To deliver valuable and accessible content to you.

How will a podcast provide valuable content?

  • You can listen. I really appreciate all who have loyally read my blog posts over the past couple of years, especially when you share those posts with your friends. Don’t worry, I will keep posting blog articles! But with an audio podcast, you don’t have to stop everything you are doing to read it. You can listen while you drive, work out, even do chores around the house.

Here are a couple of benefits to listening to a podcast over reading a blog post:

  • I can go in more depth. Most people won’t read much more than 800 words in a blog post, but you can easily listen to an hour-long podcast. That allows me to expound on the content. In fact, that’s exactly what some of my episodes will be—an in-depth version of an earlier blog post.
  • Interviews. I have tried interviews both in text and video form. I enjoy doing them. I learn from others, so I know you do too. I have interviewed authors, missionaries, foster parents, and more. Again, because you have more time to listen to an audio podcast over a text blog post or even to watch a video, you get more invaluable information along with hearing the heart and emotion coming through the person’s voice. Priceless!

I also benefit (you do too by these reasons why I am launching a podcast)!

  • Strengthen my relationship with my current audience. When I can listen to someone’s voice, I feel that I know them better. I hear emotion, accent, personality. It’s like they are sitting across the table from me. One thing I have learned about blogging is to picture who is reading what I write. An audio podcast makes that a little more personal.
  • Broaden my audience. For reasons already mentioned, I expect to reach a different audience. Many people will listen to a podcast that will never read a blog post.
  • Improve my speaking skills. Just as blogging has improved my writing skills, I know podcasting will improve my speaking skills. Really what I seek to improve is communication. Ideas, hope, encouragement are all things I hope will happen as I seek to help you not only discover your mission in life but also help you live it.

What are some reasons you listen to podcasts (if you do)? Also, what kind of podcasts would you like to hear from me?


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