Why I Think Using Kindle Direct Publishing Is Fantabulous

5 Reasons I Chose to Use KDP Exclusively

I am in the middle of publishing an ebook series—Respond to the Call to Care for Orphans: Book 1: Count the Cost was published on August 15, 2015. Currently, you can get it only on Amazon.

Earlier this year I decided to take some of my blog content written about Foster Care and Adoption and compile it into a series of ebooks.

My research into the digital world of self-publishing convinced me that the time was right to put these ebooks together and publish them.

I want to share with you why I decided on Kindle Direct Publishing to publish my ebooks.

What is Kindle Direct Publishing?

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon’s ebook publishing company

After you format your manuscript for the Kindle, which you can find many how-to helps online for that, you can upload your correctly formatted manuscript onto KDP in about 5 minutes for free. Yep free.

I recommend that you do a couple of things first before you upload your manuscript to KDP:

  1. Get your book professionally edited. Sure this will cost you a little bit of money, but you want to put your name on quality work.
  2. Choose a front cover graphic or photo that will look good as a thumbnail. That’s the first thing most customers will see on Amazon, so the cover needs to be something they can see and read.

Once you upload your book, it’s usually ready for sell on Amazon within 24 hours.

You can follow pretty much a similar process to get your book published for Nook, Apple Books and so on. No doubt it makes sense to make your book available in as many formats as possible to reach a larger audience.

However, I decided to make my ebook series exclusively available on Amazon.

Why I Decided to Market My Book Only on Amazon

  • Amazon is the major player in the world of ebook publishing. They by far sell more ebooks than any other online vendor; therefore, they command more traffic.
  • Worldwide availability. My ebooks are available for sale in over 10 worldwide markets.
  • By choosing Kindle Select which requires that my ebook is only available on Amazon for 90 days. (renewable agreement for subsequent 90 days), I get a 70% royalty on each ebook sold.
  • As a beginning author, it’s more manageable to have my ebooks on one site. ( I can always expand to other formats and sites later)
  • KDP provides an efficient, quick, low cost way to get my books to market. For now they are only in ebook form, but I plan to combine all four ebooks later next year into one book that I will publish as a softcover edition too.

Now, if you are an established writer then, you bet, it makes sense to get your work on as many sites as possible.

But I don’t have a Kindle!

You might be thinking, “I don’t have a Kindle, so I can’t read your book!” Well, did you know that you can get a free Kindle reader app on your smart phone, other digital devices like an iPad, and your laptop? You sure can. And the cool thing is you can sync them all so you pick up where you left off in a book no matter what device you are using. So you don’t have to buy a Kindle product to read a Kindle ebook.

Easy enough that you can publish your book now!

I know many of you have a book you have either already written or have inside of you dying to get. If the daunting prospects of publishing has prevented you from doing so, I encourage you to consider Kindle Direct Publishing.

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