Why Some People Almost Never Have a Bad Day

Who has not had a bad day? I admit, I have bad days, mostly by my own doing. We all know people who almost always have a bad day. But why do some people almost never have a bad day?

My tagline states that I blog about Missional Lifestyle. Missional Lifestyle – living a life sent.

So what does missional lifestyle have to do with not having a bad day?

That is easy. One of the first things you have to do to live a missional lifestyle is to engage people. In other words, you spend time with them. Enough time to get to know each other. Eventually, they will see you have a bad day.

At first you may think this is bad. No not really. Unless you are one of those who seem to almost always have a bad day.

The question remains, why do some people almost never have a bad day?

They understand who they are. They are in touch with their true identity. Life makes more sense and is a bit easier for those who understand their true identity. They understand why they are here, and what their purpose in life is.

They are not overly concerned by what others think. When someone understands their true identity and purpose, they don’t live life trying to please others. If a person constantly worries about what others think about them, they are bound to have a bad day.

They have a firm grasp on contentment. No matter what life brings them, some people are content with who they are, what they have, and where they are. That is not an easy thing to carry out especially in this society that bombards everyone with advertising telling them that we are not content.

They have a longterm perspective. Even if they are having a difficult day, they understand that day does not define the rest of eternity. That is exactly what they have—an eternal perspective on things. One bad day does not translate into many bad days to come.

Personally, I don’t know how to live life like this apart from Jesus Christ.

I get my true identity from HimThis fact gives me freedom to live life fully.

Because I belong to Him, I am secure in what He thinks of me.

I receive total contentment in Him. Joy comes with each morning.

I have an eternal perspective through Him. That helps me understand that bad days are temporal.

Living a missional lifestyle invites people into my life with Jesus Christ. It allows them to see firsthand how He is the answer to almost never having a bad day.

And, if all they see are my good days, then they never learn how Jesus Christ is my identity, my refuge, and my perspective.

If you are a Christ follower, please engage people around you that do not know Him. Become a friend. Allow them to know you so they can see that Jesus Christ is the reason you almost never have a bad day.

Question for you: What determines what kind of day you have?

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2 thoughts on “Why Some People Almost Never Have a Bad Day

  1. I find it difficult to define what is a “bad” day, but I know it when I’m having it. Unfortunately, so does everyone else around me.